Announcing T. Desmond Alexander’s From Eden to the New Jerusalem


I have profited more than I can say from Desi Alexander’s essays, his work on the New Dictionary of Biblical Theology, and especially his books The Servant King and From Paradise to the Promised Land, so I am eager to dive into his latest book, which arrived in my mailbox just moments ago, From Eden to the New Jerusalem: Exploring God’s Plan for Life on Earth.

Congratulations to our co-contributor on this new book!


10 Responses to “Announcing T. Desmond Alexander’s From Eden to the New Jerusalem”

  1. New Book from T. Desmond Alexander « For His Renown Says:

    […] by Jim Hamilton on October 20, 2008 Over at the Biblical Theology blog I’ve just posted on T. Desmond Alexander’s book, From Eden to the New Jerusalem: Exploring God’s Plan […]

  2. Don Says:

    Great! When will it be available in the U.S.?

  3. Exegesis and Theology » Blog Archive » T. Desmond Alexander, From Eden to New Jerusalem Says:

    […] Jim Hamilton notes that T. Desmond Alexander has written a new book, From Eden to New Jerusalem. The table of contents and an excerpt can be seen here. […]

  4. Tony W Says:

    Speaking of books on Biblical theology- What would be your top 3 books for someone to read as an introduction?

  5. Jim Hamilton Says:


    Great to hear from you! You call for 3, so I’ll give you three and three only:

    Stephen Dempster, Dominion and Dynasty,

    Tom Schreiner, New Testament Theology, and

    T. Desmond Alexander et al., New Dictionary of Biblical Theology (see esp the articles on BT in the first section of the dictionary.



  6. Alexander’s From Eden to the New Jerusalem « Theological Says:

    […] was a great biblical theology of the Pentateuch. He has followed that work up with his newest work, From Eden to the New Jerusalem. From the Table of Contents, it looks like a great introduction to Biblical […]

  7. desmondalexander Says:

    I have been informed that Kregel will be publishing From Eden to the New Jerusalem in July 2009.

  8. Nicholas T. Batzig Says:

    Having read most of the book I have to say that it is phenomenal work! We recently did a live review show in which we talk briefly about this work. You can listen at Thank you Dr. Alexander.

  9. Jonathan Watson Says:

    My wife and I are working through this book together…it’s been a joy and a challenge.

    Can you comment on your thoughts of the importance of “From Paradise to Promise Land” in this collection from Baker and Logos?

    Thanks for posting this. I’m currently working through Alexander’s ‘Eden to New Jerusalem’ book with my wife, and it’s absolutely fascinating…a great example of Biblical Theology! Also having just talked with Michael Lawrence, it seems even more applicable. I always will cheer for the person who holds Biblical and Systematic Theology in balance.

    By the way, Desmond Alexander’s book “From Promise to Promised Land” is in this collection from Logos and Baker Academic:

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